A unique attraction that will make the most of your time to relax and take care of yourself. On your holidays away from the city, a unique Workshops with Yoga&Qigong.

Active, smooth, pleasant movements, giving flexibility and strength – exercises with which:

  • From the very first day of your holiday, you’ll experience a state of well-being and relaxation in your body and mind.
  • You will find refreshment, lightness, tranquility – you will gain additional energy to enjoy the nearness of nature.
  • You will regenerate the whole body and enhance your own body feeling.
  • You will improve your health – your cells will be more oxygenated, nourished and ready for action.

Each single session will begin your process of regenerating your internal organs and building internal strength. You will take them with you for everyday use.

The program

3 times a day 1.5 hours of Calligraphy Qigong and Calligraphy Yoga exercises. (length and number of sessions tailored to the needs of the group) include:

  • deep relaxation practice with breathing exercises.
  • basic exercises improving flow of energy through the whole body and function of internal organs, cleaning the bone marrow from toxines.
  • exercises building internal life force in the body, mobility and balance.
  • exercises extending the spine, reducing pain and tension along the whole spine.
  • 30 minutes of deep relaxation with visualisation in the evening.