It is ideal to practice Qigong every day. It is not easy to find time and space for it. That is why we always take small steps.

In a live group class, once or twice a week, you will learn to do Qigong exercises correctly thanks:
  • repeating it several times,
  • live contact with the guide, which allows for correction,
  • adjusting the exercises to the body’s capabilities and range of movement,
  • tips to help you synchronize your breath more easily with the movement,

So you will feel the pleasure and power of simple, smooth Qigong moves.

Classes are organized in the form of 10 meetings.

This form allows you to maintain your teaching level and your progress. We go from the simplest exercises to more and more advanced.

By participating regularly in the classes, you will acquire a habit in your body and be able to coordinate several exercises in a series of over 20 minutes.

This experience and knowledge stays with you and enables individual practice at home.
And it is thanks to it that you will maintain a healthy and strong body.

Kalyanii Yoga & Qigong offers you individual sessions.

Qigong is a movement that acts as a cure and often the use of a single exercise or a series of several, individually selected exercises helps in:

  • stopping or relieving pain,
  • long-term, difficult-to-cure complaints (migraine, colorectal diseases, incontinence)
  • sudden attacks of disease.

Individual live sessions take place at your home or in a room organized by me at your convenience.
In Brussow in the Creative Center “Auf dem Lavendel” or in the “Namaste Yoga” school in Szczecin.

You may consider the option of individual Qigong On-line Session.

 Schedule of classes: