Grap your emotions and be the BOSS of your own body and mind

In the 15 years of my experience and knowledge of Yoga and Qigong practice, I have developed an effective concept of mental and movement training to support you and your team in:

  • reducing tension and pain in the body
  • reducing the effects of stress and effectively transforming it into success mechanisms
  • increasing efficiency and productivity by supporting long-term health.

Especially in these demanding times it is important to take short, healthy breaks, calm the mind and reduce stress levels. To be able to carry out their tasks in a more creative and effective way, and to make quick decisions.

Why is this program necessary in your company?

  • Reduces body tension — active, smooth, pleasant movements giving flexibility and strength
  • Increases mental capacity — conscious breathing, provides more oxygen to the brain to think freshly and creatively.
  • Strengthens concentration and serenity — observation of body movement, increases concentration on one thing at a time.
  • Increases self-confidence — using the power of the mind you manage your body and your attitude to life.
  • Balances energy in the body — mind, body, emotions – merge into a coherent whole.

It’s easy and uncomplicated

The training program can be hold in conference rooms in your company, depending on the size of the group.
For this you do not require yoga mats, special rooms or special clothing.

Program contains

  1. Every week classes in your company for Team, Managers and CEO — to relaxe and learn how to:
    • enter into a state of relaxation and body rest during 15-minute breaks,
    • release your body and mind from tension within 5 minutes between meetings.
  2. 3 days „Stress Killer” Seminar — to reduce very high levels of stress and its symptoms such as insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, migraines.

Make a decision now and strengthen health and productivity in your company.

We are available for a detailed discussion with you to work out an individual training concept for you and your team and to coordinate the corresponding dates.

Call now here: +49 152 5760 1515, Karolina Kurpiel-Zawadzka