Your key to health, power and beauty.

Let yourself to feel good.

Relax and let your success mechanism works for you.

— Maxwell Maltz

I invite you to a place where you can relax from stress and throw away tension, pain, insecurity, anxiety, striving, insomnia from your body and life.

Here you will find the answer how to stay professionally active and at the same time have a healthy, well-functioning body, concentrated mind and the ability to enjoy life.

Kalyanii Yoga & Qigong offers you a combination of effective systems such as Calligraphy Health, Zhang Fu Gong, Radiant Lotus Qigong, meditation and mindfulness techniques.


Listen! It is possible to eliminate migraine from your life without using medication.

With this program you will start to reduce your migraine until you completely forget about it. You will learn the ways that have freed me from a 30 year old migraine and start to Be Migrainefree.

Start here, where you are practicing every day, and you will see the effects of a healthy, radiant body.

The best way to relieve tensions in any situation. You save time and gain peace and joy. Session recordings are always available for you. Individual Q&A and contact with other participants.

Reset stress in Uckermark. A break from the city.

For you, your family, your friends – outdoor activities, accompanied by horses and Qigong, close to nature, on lavender field and in the Creative Center of Lavender Uckermark by the fireplace. You will strengthen your immunity and change your surroundings. In our place you will live easy and free your head from everyday life.

You can recharge your batteries live every week in Szczecin and in Uckermark.

Courses where we exercise to strengthen immunity, renew the body and rebuild at the cellular level. You will get rid of tensions After Work or Start the Day with new energy and joy. And we have special classes for pregnant women and Moms with Babies.

Where and when you can practice with Kalyanii Yoga & Qigong.

Here you will find information about workshops in Poland and Germany. News, changes and spontaneous outdoor activities.

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